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ACCESSIBLE VIA INTERNET ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ From:IN%"STGEORGE@UNMB.BitNet" "DOV - DR. ART ST. GEORGE" 13-OCT-1991 Subject: Lates Library Catalog

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Dr. Art St. George, University of New Mexico Dr. Ron Larsen, University of Maryland Edited by Carlos Robles, CERFnet

(Copyright 1991 University of Maryland, University of New Mexico). This document is formatted and edited by Carlos Robles of the California Education and Research Federation Network (CERFnet) (

INTRODUCTION: Internet-Accessible Library Catalogs and Databases is coauthored by Dr. Art St. George of the University of New Mexico and Dr. Ron Larsen of the University of Maryland. Dr. St. George says this document, "began as an effort to provide additional service to the network community locally. However, it became apparent that the library resources were of broader appeal than that."

It contains a listing of over 100 U.S. and international online library catalogs and databases. It contains listings of library catalogs and databases, dial-up libraries, Campus-Wide Online Information Systems, and bulletin board systems. Each listing gives a brief description of the resource and instructions on how to access it, as well as places to contact for more information. This catalog is an ongoing project. If you have any suggestions, comments, or additions, please send them to Dr. Art St. George by electronic mail to stgeorge@unmb.bitnet or


THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, MELVYL (Reg.) CATALOG,,, Address: Division of Library Automation University of California Office of the President 300 Lakeside Drive, 8th floor Oakland, California 94612-3550 E-mail: Phone: (415) 987-0555 (MELVYL Catalog Helpline)

DESCRIPTION: The MELVYL catalog is the online union catalog of monographs and serials (periodicals) held by the nine University of California campuses and affiliated libraries. The monograph database, which includes records for books and nonbook materials such as maps, films, musical scores, and sound recordings, contains over 5.5 million unique titles representing nearly 11 million holdings at UC, the California State Library, and the Center for Research Libraries. Collection strengths include agriculture, dry lands, oceanography, entomology, performing arts (especially film and television), photography, Californiana, materials on Mexico and Central America, 17th and 18th century British literature, health sciences, and science fiction.

The periodicals file, which includes newspapers, journals, proceedings, etc., contains over 640,000 unique titles representing over 1.2 million holdings from UC, Stanford University, the University of Southern California, the 19-campus California State University system, and selected other libraries. The MELVYL catalog also provides access to two databases of article citations: MEDLINE and Current Contents.

The "DLA Bulletin" and the "Mynd of the MELVYL Catalog," two publications describing the online catalog and its development and use, are also available online. The MELVYL catalog also provides access via TELNET to other remote library systems on the Internet.

Network Access: Telnet host name: OR any of four Internet addresses (,,,

Who Can Use the Catalog: The MELVYL online catalog and periodicals file are universally available. Access to MEDLINE and Current Contents files are restricted under a license agreement to the University of California faculty, staff, and students.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: (415) 987-0522 Clifford Lynch, Director (policy questions) calur@uccmvsa.bitnet, (415) 642-3466 Mike Berger, Asst. Dir. for Planning (policy, planning) mgbuc@uccmvsa.bitnet (415) 987-0563 Mary Engle, Systems Analyst (technical, general) meeur@uccmvsa.bitnet or (415) 987-0552 Laine Farley, Head of User Services (catalog use) lxfol@uccmvsa.bitnet (415) 987-0552 Genevieve Engel, MELVYL System User Services geneol@uccmvsa.bitnet MELVYL Helpline: (415) 987-0555

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY-GLADIS THE UC BERKELEY ONLINE CATALOG GopAC.BERKELEY.EDU Instructions: 1. telnet GopAC.BERKELEY.EDU VT100 emulation is possible but not explicitly present. Logoff instructions are provided. GLADIS is public access and it does not require a password for access. The catalog covers the holdings of most UCB libraries, including the main library, the Moffitt Undergraduate Library, the Bancroft Library and some 23 branch libraries. The catalog is complete for monographic holdings from 1977 to the present and incomplete for monographic holdings prior to that date. We are in the process of converting older monographic records, so more of these records appear in the catalog daily. All of the serial titles, both past and present, as well as records for maps, manuscripts, audiovisual materials and computer software, are contained in GLADIS. Circulation information (whether an item is checked out or not) is available for some library locations.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Roy Tennant Public Service Automated Systems Coordinator (415) 642-3532 RTENNANT@LIBRARY.BERKELEY.EDU roy@ucbgarne.bitnet

DATABASE: BLC Union List This database contains the current journal holdings of the Boston Library Consortium, a cooperative association of academic and research libraries in the Greater Boston area.

Boston College State Library of Massachusetts Boston Public Library Tufts University Boston University University of Massachusetts/Amherst Brandeis University University of Massachusetts/Boston MIT University of Massachusetts/Worcester Northeastern University Wellesley College

YALE UNIVERSITY- ORBIS Telnet ORBIS.YALE.EDU Description: Orbis is the Online Research and Bibliographic Information System of the Yale University Libraries. Its Public Access Catalog is available to all library patrons for bibliographic searching. Orbis contains over 1,000,000 titles of materials cataloged from 1977 to the present including books, journals, manuscript and archival collections, maps, musical scores, sound recordings, and other formats. Items ordered after mid-July 1989 are also included. Remote access to Orbis is available between the hours of 8:00 AM and 12 midnight, 7 days per week. Note ! TN3270 emulation is required.

Instructions: 1) Using your TN3270 application, TELNET to ORBIS.YALE.EDU. 2) When prompted, press to connect to ORBIS. 3) At this point you will be connected to the ORBIS system. A brief introductory help screen will appear.

FLORIDA'S STATE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM- NERVM.NERDC.UFL.EDU Instructions follow for accessing the online library catalogs of Florida's State University System, brought to you courtesy of the Florida Center for Library Automation, Gainesville, Florida.

The catalogs, called LUIS, use the NOTIS software marketed by NOTIS Systems, Inc. (Evanston, Ill.) The software resides on an IBM 3090-600 owned and operated by the Northeast Regional Data Center (NERDC) in Gainesville.

There are actually nine LUIS catalogs, one for each university. For each library, the percentage of its collection searchable in LUIS is different and is always changing. To find out what a library's LUIS catalog covers, contact that library.

LUIS is available: 7:30 a.m. - 1:00 a.m. Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m. Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m. Sunday

Computer time for searching the catalogs is paid for by FCLA. Any telecommunications fees incurred are the responsibility of the user.

--Signing On: ENTER: telnet --SYSTEM DISPLAY: Various messages as the connection with NERDC is attempted. --SYSTEM DISPLAY: NERVM logo screen with "Command ==>" at the end. ENTER: dial vtam (following "Command ==>) --SYSTEM DISPLAY: NERDC VTAM IS ACTIVE ENTER: nerluis fclskya (below NERDC VTAM IS ACTIVE") --SYSTEM DISPLAY: SIGN-ON COMPLETE (briefly) --SYSTEM DISPLAY: LUIS User Menu

At this point you can select the LUIS catalog that you wish to search. The selected catalog's introductory screen will display; it contains brief search instructions and commands for getting more detailed help screens. Brief search instructions are also on every screen. If you get lost, type "e" (no quotes) and to return to the intro screen.

Changing Catalogs: You can return to the menu from any LUIS screen by entering "luis" (without quotes). Among the menu choices is a union index to author/title entries in all of the catalogs. At this time, ONLY authors and titles can be searched through this index. However, you may repeat any author, title, or subject search in multiple catalogs using the following shortcut: 1. Perform the search in one catalog. 2. Retrieve the menu. 3. Change catalogs. 4. Type "r" (without quotes) and . The last search will redisplay. 5. to execute the search.

Signing Off: When you are finished, sign off of LUIS using either of the following methods: 1. ENTER: %off (from any LUIS screen) ***** or ***** ENTER: luis (from any LUIS screen) SYSTEM DISPLAY: LUIS User Menu ENTER: (number of menu option for exiting LUIS)

For either method, the following applies: --SYSTEM DISPLAY: SIGN-OFF COMPLETE (maybe, briefly) --SYSTEM DISPLAY: NERDC VTAM IS ACTIVE ENTER: undial (below NERDC VTAM IS ACTIVE)

You will be back in your home system.

HELP: If you need assistance once you get connected to NERDC, send a message to (INTERNET) or fclmag@nervm (BITNET) or call (904) 392-9020 (VOICE).

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Mary Ann Garlough Florida Center for Library Automation 2002 NW 13th St., Suite 320 Gainesville, FL 32609-3478 USA VOICE: (904) 392-9020 FAX: (904) 392-9185 BITNET: fclmag@nervm INTERNET:


TO CONNECT: 1) Telnet to NUACVM.ACNS.NWU.EDU 2) Upon connection, users of VT100 (or other ASCII terminals) will be asked to choose a terminal type. Choose 56 for VT100. A list of supported terminals can be displayed by entering a ?. TN3270 users or users telneting from IBM mainframes will be connected in "transparent mode", no terminal type will be requested. 3) When the VM/XA screen appears, tab down to the COMMAND: line. Type: DIAL VTAM. 4) The University Computer Center menu will now appear. Select LUIS. (It may take a few seconds for the LUIS Introductory screen to appear.)

TO EXIT: 1) Type STOP on the LUIS command line. 2) When the University Computer Center menu appears select EXIT to leave Northwestern University and return to your local system.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Vincent McCoy User Services Specialist Northwestern University Library Evanston, IL 60208 (708) 491-8390 BITNET: VMCCOY@NUACVM INTERNET: VMCCOY@NUACVM.ACNS.NWU.EDU

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS/URBANA-CHAMPAIGN SYSTEM: ILLINET Online Online system for the University of Illinois collection, and statewide system or over 800 academic, public, and special libraries throughout Illinois.

Instructions: 1. telnet GARCON.CSO.UIUC.EDU VT100 emulation is possible but not explicitly present. Logoff instructions are provided. If the user's software does not allow specific port addressing, you can telnet to the host or the address and enter LCS at the login prompt.

HOURS: Monday - Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - Midnight Sunday: Noon - Midnight

Database Scope: Use ILLINET Online to search over 3 million titles in the collection at the University of Illinois Library. ILLINET Online also provides searching access to the collections of over 800 libraries in the state (over 20 million items.) ILLINET Online consists of two separate but closely linked systems: LCS and FBR.

LCS is a short-record circulation system, with information about a book's check out status, location, and call number. It contains records for nearly everything cataloged at the Univ. of Illinois Library. LCS also includes records for over 30 other academic libraries in Illinois. LCS searching is made easy through the LCSgated interface. Online help and instructions are available by typing HELP when you log on to the system.

FBR contains more in-depth information about subjects, authors, titles, and series for books cataloged since 1975 and most serials cataloged since 1977 (over 1.5 million books) at the University of Illinois Library. Online help for searching FBR is available by typing INFO when you enter the system.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Beth Sandore Automated Systems Off.: (217) 333-2592 Fax.: (217) 244-0398 SANDORE@UIUCVMD.BITNET

BOSTON UNIVERSITY "TOMUS" LIBRARY.BU.EDU Contact: Doug Payne Boston University Libraries 771 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Mass. 02215 (617) 353-3709 Internet:

Boston University's online Catalog (TOMUS) provides access to over one and a half million volumes and two and a half million microforms. The collection represents a majority of holdings for all libraries on campus.

TOMUS is a Carlyle system and provides online help screens. VT1 emulation is supported and logoff instructions are provided.

MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES MAGIC.LIB.MSU.EDU The online catalog of the Michigan State University Libraries contains 1,300,000 bibliographic records of books, serials, microforms, software, and other non-book materials.

Hours of availability (EST): Monday- Thursday 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. Friday 7:00 a.m. - 11:30 p.m. Saturday - Sunday 12:01 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.

Term Break Hours (EST): Monday- Friday 7:30 a.m. - 6:15 p.m. Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 6:15 p.m.

Online help is available. For assistance using the MAGIC system, call the MSU Libraries Information Desk at (517) 353-8700. For problems connecting to the system, call the MSU Computing Information Center at (517) 353-1800.

Connection Options: 1.Telnet to (TN3270 terminal emulation is required -- strongly recommended.) At the VM370 screen, enter: dial magic

Note: Using Telnet/TB3270 may drop you into a previous MAGIC session. If after dialing MAGIC, you are not gretted by a welcome screen, enter E and press . You will then see MAGIC's welcome screen.

2.If only VT100 terminal emulation is available, use the following domain name and logon steps: --At the Which Host? prompt, enter: MAGIC --When prompted for terminal emulator, enter: VT100 --To log off, enter your software's break command, and then enter QUIT twice.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Darren Meahl, MSU Libraries Systems Office Voice - (517) 336-2361 Fax - (517) 336-1445 BITNET - 20676DOC@MSU

CORNELL UNIVERSITY CORNELLC.CIT.CORNELL.EDU The online catalog database is stored on the IBM mainframe computer, CORNELLC, and includes records for approximately one-half of the five million volumes owned by the sixteen Cornell libraries. Most records are for materials acquired since 1973. However, records for many items acquired before 1973 have been added to the online catalog, including most holdings of the Africana, Engineering, Entomology, Hotel, ILR, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Veterinary libraries.

The online catalog is usually available from 6:30 a.m. through 4:00 a.m. However, due to computer maintenance requirements, the online catalog might not be available from 10:00 p.m. Saturday to noon Sunday, and from 10:00 p.m. to Midnight Sunday. The online catalog is most heavily used from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. weekdays and might be slow to respond during those hours.

Instructions: 1. telnet CORNELLC.CIT.CORNELL.EDU TN3270 emulation is required and logoff instructions are provided. Connection is via T3270 System Prompts You Type/Press System Responds 2. enter host name cornellc Cornell banner 3. LOGON or CP READ CORNELLC (blank screen) 4. blank screen library online catalog screen

To end your online catalog session: ===> x returns to TN3270 (from any screen). Be sure to exit TN3270 to end the session.

NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY (HERSKOVITS LIBRARY)- African Studies Program. One of the largest African collection in the United States. Telnet # code 56 Internet contact person: Voice (708) 491-3290 BBS (708) 467-4636 (info) Modem 1200/2400 Parity even Bits 7 Duplex Full

OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY LCS.US.OHIO-STATE.EDU Transmission Parameters: Host name: IP address: Terminal type: vt100 Password: none required Data bits: 8 Stop bits: 1 Parity: None

Instructions: telnet

The catalog includes the holdings of all Libraries at The Ohio State University with the exception of the Law Library, which has only recently been adding new titles. Titles cataloged by OSU Libraries after September 1971 have full records and can be searched by author, title, subject, and series entry. Titles cataloged prior to September 1971 have short records and can be searched only by author and/or title. OSU has 2.2 million titles listed in LCS.

LCS also contains the complete State Library of Ohio catalog recently cataloged items available from the Center for Research Libraries, Chicago, and materials cataloged in the past ten years by the Ohio Historical Society Archives-Library Division.

Circulation information is available for all OSU Libraries (with the exception of Law), as well as the State Library of Ohio.

LCS is a command-driven system. The commands are usually three characters followed by a slash (/), e.g. aut/wolfe, tom. Basic search instructions are available by using the HELP commands on LCS. Press ESC and 1 for HELP or type HELP.

To Exit: To logoff, enter bye and tap then close the telnet connection.

A keymap for the VT100 terminal follows:


Backspace Backspace Enter Completes command Esc 1 Help Esc 2 LOC (display location record) Esc 3 CAT (display catalog record) Esc 4 PD- Esc 5 PG- Esc 6 PS- Esc 7 PD1 Esc 8 PG1 Esc 9 PS1 Esc 0 PD+ Esc PG+ Esc @ PS+ Esc r Reset - used to get out of insert mode Esc c Clear - Clears screen Esc Del EOF - Erase to End of File (Erases characters to right of cursor) Esc e Erase input - Erases your line of input Del Deletes character above cursor Esc i Insert mode - allows character insertion. Use Reset (Esc r) to cancel Up arrow Moves cursor up one line Down arrow Moves cursor down one line Left arrow Moves cursor left one character Right arrow Moves cursor right one character Home Moves cursor all the way to the left

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Library Automation Office 106-E Main Library 1858 Neil Ave. Mall Columbus OH 43210


The Network Library System (NLS) is the online public catalog of the libraries at the University of Wisconsin- Madison and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. NLS supports separate online catalogs for each campus.

The UW-Madison online catalog contains more than 1.7 million titles cataloged since 1976, located in 25 libraries on the campus and at the Center for Research Libraries in Chicago. This represents roughly 50% of the collections. The UW- Milwaukee catalog contains approximately 900,000 titles and represents 85% of the general collection.

Network Access: If available on your system, please use tn3270 (telnet supporting 3270 emulation) to access When connected you are presented a menu from which you select NLS, the library catalog. (If you don't know how your function keys are mapped, TAB to the option you want and press ENTER.)

Telnet access is also available via a gateway machine providing the necessary 3270 emulation. From your local host use telnet to access . You will be prompted to enter a terminal type. VT100 is the default, or you can enter the command list to display a list of supported terminal types. Upon entering a valid terminal type, select NLS from the menu displayed to connect to the library catalog.

Upon entering NLS, a screen is displayed at which you either press ENTER to search the Madison catalog or type Mil and press ENTER to search the Milwaukee catalog.

To exit, enter the command exit on any screen to return to the Main. Here you select the option to quit. This returns control to your local host.

Who Can Use The Catalog: The University of Wisconsin library catalogs for the Madison and Milwaukee campuses are currently available to all interested parties.

Miscellaneous Information: Xterm users or other windowing software users must set their window size to 80 characters x 25 lines.

For help using NLS or to obtain a free NLS Computer Catalog User's Guide, contact the Memorial Library Information Desk at (608) 262-3193, or Dennis Hill via the Internet:

More detailed information on accessing NLS via the Internet is documented in: "TCP/IP Network Access to the NLS Catalog Via Tn3270 and telnet". For a copy of this document, or any other information, contact the Automation Help Desk at (608) 262-8880, or via the Internet at:

Note on keyboard mappings: Because keyboard mappings are defined by the tn3270 software on the client's host computer, we are not able to tell you definitively how your keyboard will be mapped. The following chart shows a selection of the tn3270 keyboard mapping used on many UW Madison VAX computers. These definitions are also used when accessing NLS via telnet as they are provided by the 3270 software on the gateway machine.

KEY PURPOSE: KEYBOARD DEFINITION: Send (called the BLUE key in NLS) ENTER or RETURN Erase-to-end-of-field (called the YELLOW key in NLS) Ctrl-e Delete character Ctrl-d Escape key PF11 (default mapping) Insert/Overstrike toggle Escape space Function keys PF1 - PF9 Escape 1 - Escape 9 Function key PF10 Escape 0 Function key PF11 Escape - Function key PF12 Escape =

CONTACT: Automation Help Desk 212F Memorial Library University of Wisconsin 728 State Street Madison, WI 53706 E-mail: Phone: (608) 262-8880.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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