Accessing Databases in Africa

Accessing Databases in Africa

ACCESSING ON-LINE BIBLIOGRAPHIC DATABASES ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

by Billy Barron and Marie-Christine Mahe

(c) 1993 Billy Barron, Marie-Christine Mahe and Yale University

Permission is granted to any individual or institution to distribute this document freely as long as it is not sold for profit. Excerpts from this document may be used in other documents provided credit is given. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book, neither the authors nor their home institutions can take any responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of this information.

This document in all its parts can be retrieved from the original Gopher (, Port=7000, Path=1/Libraries) or by anonymous ftp from See the libraries.intro file for a complete distribution list, and for the locations of the Gopher links this list was generated from. Additions and corrections should be sent to the address above: .


LIST FOR CONTINENT: Africa (Tue Aug 3 1993)

University of Natal - Durban

Location: South Africa Catalog: URICA

To access:

1. Type TELNET LIBRARY.UND.AC.ZA. 2. At the Service Required prompt, enter library. 3. At the Login prompt, enter LIB.

To exit, hit the Telnet escape key.

IP address:

University of Pretoria

Location: South Africa

To access:

1. Type TELNET PREFECT.EE.UP.AC.ZA. 2. At the login prompt, enter libis.

To exit, hit the telnet escape key.

Contact: IP address: The document you tried to retrieve has gone under many changes. Please read the following:

The Gopher links are located at the following equivalent sites:

Name=Internet-accessible library catalogs Type=1 Port=7000 Path=1/Libraries

Or: Port=70 Path=1/Libraries

Or: Port=70 Path=1/libraries/yaleinfo

If you do not have a gopher client, one appropriate for your workstation can be retrieved via anonymous ftp from the University of Minnesota, at

The paper document itself, in ASCII format, broken up by continents, including this introduction and a list of instructions for different catalogs, can be retrieved by anonymous ftp from

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