ANITEP Membership: African and Information Technology

ANITEP Membership: African and Information Technology

The African Network of Information Technology Experts and Professionals (ANITEP)

ANITEP is a network of IT experts and professionals involved or associated with the African IT/Telematics field and industry. It was set up a year and a half ago to serve as a forum for all those involved in the African IT/Telematics scene to:

* facilitate interaction and communication between them;
* conduct collaborative IT/Telematics projects, initiatives, studies and research;
* promote & influence IT/Telematics-related issues and policies on thecontinent;
* organise IT/Telematics-related seminars, campaigns, workshops and conferences;
* promote IT awareness and literacy campaigns on the continent;
* provide and support IT training and education and,
* support other continent-wide IT/Telematics-related issues, campaigns,projects and initiatives
that will further promote and advance the technology and its usage on the continent.

ANITEP membership is open to non-Africans as well as Africans world-wide. All that is required to be part of the network is, that one should be in some way be involved in the African IT field or industry. Because of the vastness of the African continent and the world-wide membership structure of ANITEP, the ultimate goal is to set up ANITEP as a virtual (human) network with all communications and interactions between members conducted electronically via e-mail and other electronic means (e.g. electronic notice boards, discussion lists etc.).

It must however be noted that while some of the current members of ANITEP have e-mail access, the majority don't. As of now, it is therefore not essential to have a e-mail access to be a member of ANITEP. But it is the hope that most members may in the not so distant future be having some form of e-mail access. Once this happens, most (if not all) of the communications between members of the network will be done via e-mail. For now, e-mail and snail-mail (postal mail) will be the standard mode of communication.

If you want to be considered for ANITEP membership, please complete the form below and forward it to me preferably by e-mail ( or by post (see below for address) or by fax (+ 353 1 6615046). You are welcomed to nominate others as well. Please kindly ask them to complete the form and send it to me.

Clement Dzidonu Ph.D.
ANITEP Coodinator
School of Systems and Data Studies,
University of Dublin
Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Fax: + 353 1 6615046

      ****************** ANITEP Membership Form******************

Surname:________________Other Names:____________________Title:______
Occupation: _______________________________________________
Academic/Professional Qualifications: ___________________________________
Your Organisation/Institution:__________________________________________
______________________ City:___________________ State:_______________
Country:______________________ Zip Code:_______________
E-mail Address:_____________________________________________

Which of the following best describes your involvement in IT/Telematics (computer scientist, information scientist, documentalist, telecommunications personnel, computer/telematics engineer, computer/telematics technician, computer operator, computer programmer, software engineer, systems analyst, computer system manager, network manager, IT/Telematics policy maker, IT/Telematics trainer, academic/lecturer, IT researcher, IT postgraduate

student):____________________ OTHERS (specify): _______________________________________________ Is there a National Computer Society or similar organisation in your country?: ________YES__________NO. Are You a Member?_____YES______NO Will you be interested in coming together with others to set up a local ANITEP group in your country?: ___________YES___________NO. (Note: A local ANITEP group could be formed as a group within a National Computer Society (if one exists) or may be formed as an entity on its own. A National Computer Society may decide to serve as the local ANITEP group, in that case all its members automatically become members of ANITEP as well as being members of the National Computer Society. Note also that since ANITEP accepts individual membership, one does not need to be a member of a local ANITEP group to be an ANITEP member but the formation of a local ANITEP group is encouraged where it is possible).

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*  Clement Dzidonu Ph.D.                       Tel: + 353 1 6081918          *
*  School of Systems and Data Studies          Fax: + 353 1 6615046          *
*  University of Dublin                        Email:  *
*  Trinity College                                                           *
*  Dublin 2                                                                  *
*  Ireland                                                                   *
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