African American Information Network

African American Information Network

Enclosed is some information about the African American Resource Guide to the Internet.

The overall purpose of The African American Resource Guide to the Internet is to get more AAs online by explaining the benefits. We are not pushing religion, bean pies, or chocolate candy. We are promoting the expansion of black involvement with the Internet and Online services. A majority of Black Americans from all walks of life simply have no idea what the Internet is all about. In fact, many of us who are already online are not aware of the tremendous wealth of services relating to black education, economics, entertainment, and more, that are available. I certainly learned a heck of a lot during my research as a novice onliner. So here we are.

The Guide is plainly written with very little tech talk. In fact, we have included an extensive bibliography of other books that handle the technical side of the Internet far better than we do. Resources such as FEDWORLD and AFRINET are promoted. More than 30 BBS are included as possible sites for exploration. It talks about the future and the fact and fiction of the Information Superhighway. It is a resource guide to who is on the net, how you can connect with them, why you should be on the net, and what you can gain from it.

The language of the main body text is Urban Contemporary (PG). The sidebars contain some humor and satire written in Hip Hop. We goose our Black Propeller Heads and poke a little fun at those of us who become too lofty and self important. This is a people-friendly book that anybody can read.

Moreover, we believe there can never be too many books or online services that focus on AA life and business. Therefore, we will actively promote anybody (FOR FREE) who has a worthwhile project to get more of us on line. So, we encourage people to contribute to upcoming revisions of our book as well as to write their own versions of internet books, online services, computer etc. etc., etc. We would like to list and promote them all. So be it.

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Yes! I would like to order a copy of the African American Resource Guide to the Internet. The cost of a single copy is $9.95. Enclosed is a check or money order made out to ElamWorld 2000. If I am not happy with the publication, I can return it for a full refund. (Pub Date Sept 17, 1994)




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Mail to: ElamWorld 2000, c/o Stafford L. Battle, P.O. Box 77196, Washington, D.C. 20013; 301/499-4268.

Thanks for listening. The Revolution Will Be Digitized!

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