Africa: Human Rights

  • African Rights
      African Rights is an organization dedicated to working on issues of grave human rights abuses, conflict, famine and civil reconstruction in Africa.
  • African Human Rights Resource Center
      This human rights resource center contains a collection of international human rights materials with a particular focus on Africa as well as a collection of global International Human Rights Instruments -- treaties, declarations, and other materials -- together with authoritative citations.
  • Amnesty International: Africa
      Amnesty International is a voluntary organization dealing with human rights issues for Africa.
  • Burundi: Prospects for Peace
      This profile is a summary of the Minority Rights Group International Report, by Filip Reyntjens.
  • The Fourth World Documentation Project: African Documents
      The Center For World Indigenous Studies and the Fourth World Documentation Project provide documents on Indigenous Peoples in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, Melanesia and the Pacific.
  • Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI)
      The Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI) was formed in January 1994 from a merger of two organisations involved in campaigning for freedom of expression during the apartheid years, namely the Campaign for Open Media (COM) and the Anti-Censorship Action Group (ACAG). Recently, the FXI also established the Media Defence Fund to sponsor freedom of expression court cases on behalf of media who are not able to afford the legal costs. This work is a continuation of work conducted by the now-defunct Media Defence Trust (MDT).
  • Human Rights Watch: Africa Division
      These resources are provided by Human Rights Watch. They include reports, and publications of human rights situations in Africa.
  • OneWorld News: Africa
      OneWorld Online is a member of the BBC's Networking Club. The BBC has always been committed to the importance of broadcasting global issues in its radio and television programmes. Each week the OneWorld news team updates, inititiates or highlights a news feature from some part of the globe where the one world values of human dignity and justice are being undermined or upheld.
  • UN High Commissioner for Refugees
      Resources bout UNHCR and refugees ordinary people who have left their homes to escape war, persecution and human rights abuse, news, issues, publications, teaching materials and repatriation reports.
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