Africa: Arts & Architecture

  • Africa Museum (Belgium)
      In order to arouse public interest in the Congo Free State King Leopold II had a major exhibition organised in 1897 on the country and its importance for Belgium. From 1898 onwards the scientific mission of the Museum became its main task and because of t he rapid growth of scientific collections from Central Africa the need for a new and bigger building was felt very soon.
  • African Rock Art
      Hyperlinked essay exploring rock art sites of Southern Africa.
  • UPenn: African Gallery
      These resources are provided by the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. The majority of objects in this gallery come from the colonial period of Africa's history.
  • Ancient Art: Egypt
      The works here demonstrate the basic principles of Egyptian sculpture in its symbolic formality. For over three thousand years the Egyptians adhered to a prescribed set of rules as to how a work of art in three dimensions should be presented. Resources also include a selection of cross-curricular lesson plans created by local teachers
  • African Music Resources
      While there is a lot of different music, one of mankind's biggest passions is the music of Africa. This site gives you a menu of articles, reviews, artists and labels.
  • African Art (UVA)
      African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning. This electronic exhibition catalog contains a number of photographs from the Bayly Art Museum's recent exhibition of African art. Related materials to be offered in the future include an exhibition of African masks.
  • Art and Life in Africa Project (Christopher Roy & L. Lee McIntyre)
      This is a CD-ROM based program on African art, based on The Stanley Collection at The University of Iowa Museum of Art and supplemented by additional images from important collections across the country organized on the theme of "Art and Life in Africa". Objects will be placed in the context for which they were created in the lives of African peoples. (Christopher Roy & L. Lee McIntyre)
  • Egypt and Art (Richard Deurer)
      This site includes comprehensive resources of photographs on some of the ancient Egyptian monuments and artifacts; pictures and descriptions of the gods and some of the most frequently used symbols; Glossary of Egyptian Mythology, Hieroglyphs and Egyp tian Kings.
  • G.I. Jones Photographic Archive of Southeast Nigerian Art and Culture
      An online archive of over 300 photographs of Southeastern Nigerian Art. The photos were taken in the 1930s by the late Dr. G.I. Jones of University of Cambridge. Most of the images capture Igbo masquerades in performance. They are of interest to any s tudent of Nigerian ethnology or art history. I created the online archive this summer while conducting research with the Jones materials archived at Cambridge.
  • Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology (U. Memphis)
      The Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology is dedicated to the study of the art and culture of ancient Egypt through teaching, research, exhibition, and community education.
  • Images of Masks: Africa
      Images of masks, descriptions, ethnographic information and photographs from West and Central Africa.
  • Magical Faces of Africa
    • This exhibit of African masks is organized by the Musee Dapper in Paris, France.

  • Marrakesh Express
      This is Marrakesh Express, your on-line Moroccan rug and pillow gallery and shop. Maintained by Susan Schaefer Davis, an anthropologist who had worked and lived in Morocco off and on for the last 29 years.
  • Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou
    • Created in 1969, the Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO) has evolved into an internationally recognized and respected event. FESPACO became an institution on January 7th 1972 by decree in Burkina Faso, because of the enthusiasm and the hope it created among the public and filmmakers in Africa. It is biennial; starting on the last Saturday in February every odd year.

  • Sudan Artists Gallery
      Sudan Artists Gallery was established in mid 1999 as an ongoing effort for collecting scattered production of Sudanese Artists. The gallery aims to become a viable and significant source for materials and information about Sudanese art and artists, and to play maximum role in the documentation of such works.
  • Sokari Douglas Camp: Play & Display- Masquerades of Southern Nigeria
      This site features the work of the Nigerian born sculptor Sokari Douglas Camp and a considerable body of new work she is showing at the Museum of Mankind in London. The show lasts from 28 September 1995 - 17 March 1996.
  • Sukuma Museum of Tanzania (Mark H.C. Bessire)
      The Sukuma people of Tanzania live in an area called Usukuma which is located to the west and south of Lake Victoria. This web site provides series of articles and pictures that documents different issues of Sukuma culture.
    African art objects from Mali in 1993 and its most recent acquisition has been the Povey Collection of African textiles.


  • Adinkra Symbols

      The Adinkra symbols express various themes that relate to the history,beliefs and philosophy of the Asante. They mostly have rich proverbial meaning since proverbs play an important role in the Asante culture.
  • Smithsonian National Museum of African Art

      As a leading center for the visual arts of Africa, the National Museum of African Art (NMAfA) fosters and sustains--through exhibitions, collections, research, and public programs--an interest in and an understanding of the diverse cultures in Africa as t hese are embodied in aesthetic achievements in the visual arts..
  • Yoruba and Akan Art
      Cutting to the Essence, Shaping for the Fire, an experimental on-line catalog of an exhibit first presented at the Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences in Peoria, Illinois in 1994. This is an illustrated essay-exhibit by Michael Conner on Yoruba art in wood and metal; and Shaping for the Fire, a similar exploration of Akan goldweights by Martha Ehrlich.
  • Universes in Universe
      A comprehensive list of links to online exhibitions, projects, symposiums, research and publications focusing on various regions throughout Africa and the world.

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