Africa: Archaeology & Anthropology
  • ArchNet: Resources for African Archaeology
      Internet resources related to archaeological sub-regions of Africa and the Near East.
  • The Bedu Masquerade
      BEDU is a plankmask which is used throughout the Bondoukou region of Cte d'Ivoire,West Africa. Although it resembles other plankmasks from Burkina Faso, Mali or northern Ghana, Bedu is a unique, regional creation.
  • Lepcis Magna - The Roman Empire in Africa
      Lepcis Magna, is a preserved Roman city on the North African coast has been excavated by archaeologists since the 1920s. From Phoenicean beginnings through Greek colonisation to Roman city this site has welcomed many of the great names of the Roman E mpire. Although now a UNESCO World Heritage site, few tourists get to see the wonders of this site in person, but the work of the latest team of archaologists to excavate this site is being made available on this web site for all to see.
  • Web-based ethnography- Samburu (Kenya)
      This website is experimentally administered by Shinya Konaka (Research Associate, Faculty of International Relations of The University of Shizuoka, who conducted field research among the Samburu, a pastoral people of Kenya. Site includes written description, photos and video clips.
  • Sudan Archeological Research Society- SARS
      The Sudan Archaeological Research Society provides a focus for anyone interested in the archaeology of the Sudan. Through lectures, seminars, its bulletin and newsletters, the Society aims to promote interest in the Sudan's cultural heritage and raise awareness of its place in the history of mankind. Most significantly, the Society mounts expeditions to excavate and record threatened sites before they are lost to knowledge for ever.
  • The Virtual Institute of Mambila Studies
      The Virtual Institute of Mambila Studies seeks to collate and connect the different research and researchers with an interest in the Mambila people of the Nigeria - Cameroon borderland and their neighbours; their languages and the area in which they live.
  • The Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropologists
      The Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropologists (WEDA) is a volunteer project established to aid in communication between scholars of anthropology from around the world. Here, anthropology is taken in its widest sense, to include scholars in the physical and social sciences, as well as the humanities.
  • Galaxy Anthropology Index
      A search index and listing of anthropological resources on the internet.
  • Languages of Africa- Ethnologue
      Search by country to find excellent linguistic information, classifications and resources on thousands of African languages.


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