Contact Information

Contact Information

                            Director Names:           e-mail:
                            ______________            ______
@ Penn:      (215) 898-6971  Sandra Barnes
@ Swarthmore:(610) 328-8093  Ray Hopkins  
@ Haverford: (610) 896-1055  Harvey Glickman
@ Bryn Mawr: (610) 526-5393  Mary Osirim  

Program Coordinator:         Lynette Loose
Language Coordinator         Alwiya Omar  
Outreach Coordinator:        Ali B. Ali-Dinar
Bibliographer:               Elisa Forgey 

If you have comments, suggestions, or Africa/Africanist related information on programs and resources in the United States, Africa and elsewhere, please feel free to send me this information via e-mail.

Please Note: This information board for African Studies was initiated in March 1993. It is a work in progress. The African Studies Program at U. Penn hopes that this will be an interactive project among Penn Africanists and other African Studies information networks. For suggestions, comments and updates on the African Studies Web or PennInfo, please contact me at the address below.

Send your contrubutions and/or comments to:

Ali B. Ali-Dinar, Outreach Coordinator
African Studies Center
University of Pennsylvania
642 Williams Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305
Tel. (215) 898-6610
Fax (215) 573-8130


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