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Access Information


Africanists can now access a database of African Studies materials on the World-Wide Web, which contains teaching materials for teachers, the business community, and other networked individuals at Penn. The Web also contains information on programs and resources at Penn, in the US, Africa and elsewhere. The African Studies Center is part of a four-school consortium that includes Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges and the University of Pennsylvania. The consortium promotes interdisciplinary instruction and research in African languages and area studies and exchange relationships with African institutions. The Center's outreach program, which maintains the electronic bulletin board, is prepared to extend its resources to the local community, surrounding schools and colleges, and the public at large.

*  Almanac & Penn News (Information about the University of Pennsylvania's
   African Studies Consortium & the surrounding community).
*  Articles & Papers (Published articles, papers & abstracts of general 
   interest to African Studies).
*  Audio-Visual Resources for African Studies (videography, filmmaking, 
   audio cassettes).
*  Bibliography (Africa-related, Islamic, Arabic, or African-American
   related bibliographies).
*  Books On-Line (African Studies related monographs)
*  Computer Networking (e-mail to Africa, networking & Africa, interest 
   & discussion groups, Africa-related software, resources for academic 
*  Conferences, Colloquia and Lectures (at Penn, national and 
*  Current Events (announcements, new services, upcoming events).
*  Electronic African News (radio & television broadcasts, on-line 
   computer resources).
*  GIF Images (GIF archives, Africa-related graphics).
*  Governmental & Political Documents (Official statements, policy papers).
*  Grants and Fellowships (undergraduate, pre-doctoral, doctoral, post-
   doctoral, funding for African and Africanist students in the US and 
*  Job Opportunities (in Africa, the US, Europe and elsewhere).
*  K-12  African Studies (K-12 education, outreach materials).
*  Language, Courses & ASPs (African Studies programs, summer institutes,
   language study resources, African Studies courses).
*  Miscellany (African Fine Arts, African recipes, African restaurants).
*  Newsletters On-Line (African Studies Association, Title VI African 
   Studies Centers).
*  Organizations, Institutes and Associations (newly formed, research &  
   international organizations and institutes).
*  Proceedings & Reviews (Conference proceedings and book reviews).
*  Products & Services (commercial products and services related to Africa).
*  Publications & Publishers (newsletters, journals, monographs, African 
   publishers and Africa-related publications).
*  Travel Opportunities (employment, study, vacation, internships, and
   volunteer positions abroad).
*  Urgent Action & Commentary (Appeals for intervention, activist events 
   and petitions).
*  What's New in African Studies!! (recently posted African Studies related


Using Mosaic or another hypertext reader: 

Telnet to the WWW (using Lynx): 
                    1.  Telnet to;
                    2.  Enter "pennweb" at the login prompt;
                    3.  Scroll down on U. Penn's Home Page and choose   
                        "African Studies at Penn," listed alphabetically.


Information about the African Studies Program at the University of Pennsylvania can be found on the campus-wide information system PennInfo. The African Studies Program at U. Penn is one of some 70 "providers of information" on this system. Access to it is available through a personal computer, provided you have a modem, or through public access booths located on the Penn campus. The African Studies on PennInfo includes information on programs, resources and events at U. Penn.


Accessing PennInfo using PennNet:          1.  Logon to PennNet using
                                               your userid & password;
                                           2.  Type "t penninfo" at the
                                               annex prompt;
                                           3.  Select "Interdisciplinary 
                                               Programs" at PennInfo's
                                               main menu;   
                                           4.  Then select the "African   
                                               Studies" folder.

Accessing PennInfo from other locations:   GOPHER

                                           Directory:  PennInfo via the
                                           Gopher -> PennInfo Gateway/ 

Note: In order to view GIF graphics on-line, the connection must be made via ethernet, SLIP, Telix or a similar protocol.

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